news update spring 2019

We are to proud to announce that we will be making a pvc patch of the Embarkoverland badge.. As of now we are in the final stages of color selection and will hopefully be in store very soon. Stay tuned and check back regularly for updates. Be one of the first to get the new Embarkoverland swag when it becomes available.

Embark overland apparel is coming!

Hats , shirts , patches , membership coins , and more decals are coming very soon, we are waiting for final company selection on a few items and after that we are ready to go. stay tuned as we update on progress and we thank everyone for there patience as we expand even further and our family grows, thank you for all your support and see you on the trail.

Summer Vacation July 2017

We have to say our July vacation trip was a great experience. Being able to go to the places we've  always wanted  to go and just haven't had the time. This summer was different , got all to way to lake Shasta and liked it so much up there we stayed a couple extra days. On the way up to Shasta we ran into a forest service ranger and asked where the good spots to explore are? We assured her we would keep everything clean and nice and wanted to experience this great place ,without the crowd. She gave us gold! We now have a few secret spots on the map for lake Shasta. The weather was great , lake water was warm and inviting, and saw a few deer in the area but that was it for wild life. Spent three days up there! As everyone knows the trip up the 5 is ,well, what it is , we blew our rear axle seal, driver side, in Sacramento, so we decide to figure out the game plan before we go on, and while that  was happening we got stuck at a park because the staff went home and left my phone charging in their office. So a day later we get the axle fixed, in Redding, by a great shop , ask if you want the name, and went back to park, got our phone and we were off to Shasta again , found some trails to explore then headed to whiskey lake. Saw the little town off the 299 and headed west to the coast. Willow creek, awesome place, check it out if you haven't. People are friendly and helpful. Next was big foot territory , amazing!!! spent the night in the woods next to the river and it was a perfect night indeed. Then off to Mad river brewery in Humboldt county, great beer , must try if your in the area! Great service, good food, fish sandwich we recommend! You can bring your dogs too! got some swag and off we went to the next spot redwood forest. This place you could write about for hours its that beautiful. The scenery is breathtaking and you need a camera indeed. So many trails to explore and the history is rich in this area. We recommend this highly on your list of places to see. After we explored the redwood forest we found ourselves in Eugene , cool town , great people. Santa Cruz ever been? where the forest meets the ocean as they say. We didn't get to explore to much around here as they are not a dog friendly place , cant have dogs on boardwalk. So we had lunch and split, headed down to Frisco where we had to get some crab on the wharf, a must for anyone visiting San Francisco. checked out the wax museum and took a photo with the late Robin Williams, R.I.P and then off again to open road for the remainder of the trip home. spent the night next to the ocean and the sound of he water put us to sleep. We put a 1000 miles on the embark Toyota in just 7 days. great trip. now to go and serviced her and change some fluids , tighten up some bolts, and have a good cleaning session. until the trip embark on!